Can't find the shower solution of your dreams in our collections? Since we manufacture each shower door according to the specifications on each order, you get your shower door exactly the way you want it. 

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  • EPIC


    EPIC is a shower enclosure. And something more. It is a step further; weight and technical perfection.
    And something entirely his own when it comes to the shower glass.

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  • The nordic craftsmanship

    The nordic craftsmanship

    All  our shower walls are manufactured to order. We build the best showers in the Nordic countries, and we believe the measurements of a shower should be adapted to the space where it will be installed. This means you choose the measurements, the glass, the fittings and the  design of your shower wall. Then we get to work and make it for you.

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  • Låt oss inspirera dig

    Låt oss     inspirera dig

    Besök gärna våra inspirationssidor där vi har samlat ett stort antal badrumsbilder och reportage för såväl stora som små badrum i en mängd olika stilar. Här finns något för alla smaker.

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  • Så väljer du duschvägg

    Så väljer du duschvägg

    Duschhörna, dusch i nisch eller duschkabin? Om du känner dig osäker på vilken lösning som passar bäst i ditt badrum så kan vår duschväljarguide säkert vara till god hjälp.

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Tips & ideas for the bathroom

We love shower walls and everything that goes into the bathroom and our goal is to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Browse through our more than 1000 bathroom stories, and get inspired.

Bathroom inspiration

The shower Workshop

When it comes to our shower walls your choices are practically unlimited. First decide on what type of shower is the right one for your bathroom, then configure it with exakt measurements and finish. Finally, let the program generate the price. Only available in the Nordic languages.

Shower workshop in Swedish

Where would you like to put your shower?

Our goal is that the shower should be the most relaxing place in your bathroom. Most of the time there is a given place for the shower wall – in one of the corners, in a niche or on the bathtub. There could also be a number of possible solutions, that you need to investigate before you make up your mind. Choose one of the locations in the list or below or go to “How to choose a shower wall”


Bathroom trends 2015

The trend of the year is patterns everywhere. It’s getting more and more important to add a personal touch. The stylist Johanna Pilfalk tells us about her favorites and how the living room pieces slowly find their way into the bathroom.

Bathroom trends

INR LAB. ANything is possible.

Over the years we have created more than 70 000 unique showers both for private homes and for public spaces. We manufacture each shower door according to the specifications on each order, which means you get your shower door exactly the way you want it.

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