The bathroom of your dreams!

Whether you’re building somewhere new or renovating somewhere old, there’s plenty to think about.  We'll help you get the bathroom of your dreams! Step by step.


Start by taking a good look
at your existing bathroom.

Bathrooms are often narrow, so a well-planned, adaptable shower solution is even more important. What is the general layout like? Where will the floor drain be? Do you want to combine a bath tub and a shower? Do you have wooden or concrete walls? A sloping ceiling?


What are your requirements exactly?

Are you planning a luxurious spa, or just an extra shower in the basement? Do you need special functions? What price level seems reasonable? If you want to find your optimal shower solution, you will surely find inspiration on this website. But do visit our retailers, look through interior decoration magazines and talk to your family and friends to find the bathroom solution that suits your particular needs best. 


Think ahead.

Avoid choosing a shower, towel drying rail, mixer taps, shelves, hooks, toilet paper holders, etc. that have different designs. Each and every product in itself may be beautiful, but when all mixed together it may appear messy and out of place. Instead, focus on the whole room and try to make everything match properly.

INR has two exclusive alternatives you can choose from. The ARC series, which has been specially developed to match the Victoria shower range and the Tugela cubicle. And also the LINC series that matches other showers. BASIC is a third series consiting of showers in standard sizes.


Time to choose a shower.
Why not have it custom made?

Once you have done your homework, you are ready to choose a shower model. All INR showers meet the strictest requirements in terms of flexibility, quality, functionality and design. Because we can create special variations for a number of our models, you can rest assured that we can customise a shower solution for you. Adapting to your measurements is a service which is included in our basic price. So there won't be any extra charges!

When choosing glass, bear in mind that coloured or patterned glass reduces the feeling of space. But clear glass may not always be suitable if you want a little privacy when showering!


The floor!

Keep in mind that many shower solutions require a floor with the correct gradient. So if you’re planning on renovating the entire bathroom, or if you’re building it from scratch, it might be more sensible to decide on the type of shower first.


Take out your tape measure
and measure up your bathroom.

Measure to the nearest millimetre and write down all the dimensions. It might be worth measuring up the entire bathroom; even if you have already thought about a specific design, other possibilities may arise when our in-store bathroom specialists take a look at your plans.

Any unusual angles, sloping ceilings, etc. will naturally affect which shower solution you can choose. If you are the slightest bit unsure, talk to your INR retailer. 


The store can help you by preparing
a drawing of your bathroom. Free of charge!

Bring your measurements to your retailer and explain which shower model you are interested in. They will then draw up a solution for you free of charge.  As mentioned above, they may also suggest other alternatives with benefits which you might not have thought about. Take the opportunity to talk as much about showers as you like with the store personnel.

Take advantage of their experience and knowledge – they are there to make sure that you are really happy with the end result.


Once you have made up
your mind, we will get to work.

As soon as you have told the retailer which INR solution you want, s/he will place an order with us and we will get going with the production work. It takes place in our factory and is carried out by our experienced and meticulous-to-detail shower experts.

If you have selected a customised shower solution that requires a sketch you will receive a sketch which you have to approve by signing before production can start.


Next comes the delivery.

Within approximately 5-15 working days of receiving your order, we will send the completed shower solution to the store where you placed your order. You will find our standard delivery times under the corresponding model in the Product and Price Guide.

If you have placed a special order, or ordered more than ten items, the delivery may take a little longer, but you will be notified about this by your retailer.


Time for installation in your home.

Can you install everything on your own? Only you know the answer to this question. If everything has been carefully prepared, the actual installation is not particularly complicated. If you are reasonably handy and careful, all you need to do is to follow the installation instructions. You can use the table in the catalogue as a guide to give you an idea as to how difficult it is to install the different showers.

If you are the slightest bit insecure, do not hesitate to call an expert. Remember that there are building regulations that have to be followed.

With some care, you can keep your shower looking as good as new.

If you want to keep the glass sparkling and the shower looking as good as new year after year, you need to look after it. An effective way of doing this is to choose one of our selected INR showers which are protected by ShowerGuard™. This is a unique, patented technology which seals the surface of the glass and prevents corrosion. This protection is permanent, so it never needs to be renewed.

If at a later stage you need to replace a moulding or some other component, it is very easy. Service kits with mouldings and other sealing materials are available from your retailer. And remember to lubricate the hinge once a year to ensure that the warranty applies in full. 

Chrome-plated surfaces can look good too.

The easiest way to remove dirt, lime scale and deposits is to use soap and water. Rinse and dry with a cloth or a terry towel. Avoid using basic, acidic, lime dissolving agents or scouring powder with abrasive ingredients. Stubborn dirt can be removed with cleaners containing tensides and citric acid. The lime scale on the shower head has to be removed regularly. This can be done by placing the shower head in vinegar for a few hours. Use silicone grease when lubricating a mixer component. 

Shower with confidence thanks to our long guarantee.

We only sell high-quality, well-designed products. We have many years of manufacturing experience, and have full control over the entire production process. Most of our shower models have a full 15-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. Our standardised BASIC models have a 5-year guarantee. We offer a 5-year guarantee for most of our other products too.

For more information, please check the information on each product.