Plan your new Bathroom

To plan for a new bathroom or to renovate one is a fun and exciting process that frequently involves quite a few problems that need to be solved. 

If you follow our 10 steps of bathroom planning you can avoid making the most common mistakes. Before you know it your bathroom dreams have come true.


Collect Interior Decorating magazines, visit bathroom stores or get online and start looking. Here we have lined up a number of inspiring articles about different style bathrooms Find the style that appeals to you: country, minimalistic or trendy. Before long you’ll discover that prices vary considerably between different makes and materials. Find the price range that matches your budget. Visit bathroom inspiration to get the picture.

Pastel coloured bathroom dreams.

Austere lines and natural light with an attitude.

Our design series

The essence of a beautiful bathroom is one where all the details come together. A truth that goes for every room in the house, including the bathroom. That´s worth thinking about when you plan your new bathroom. Create a calm, coherent look by choosing matching units. Our designseries ARC and LINC offer shower walls, towel drying rails and mixers, that all match to create a stylish look. Design series


Clean lines. Premium quality.

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Balanced design.

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The new generation shower cabins.

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Simplicity rules.

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2. What does the floor plan look like?

Time to start getting serious! Examine the prerequisites in detail. What does the floor plan look like? Is there a floor drain? If so, where is it placed? Does the room have a slanting roof? Are you thinking of installing a shower? Then make sure that the floor slope is sufficient for the shower you choose.

3. Time to choose your shower.

All the showers from INR comply with the highest demands on flexibility, quality, functions and design. But it is up to you to pick the one that will work best for your bathroom. Follow our A-B-C and maybe it is a little easier to choose. If you still can’t find the shower you are looking for, there is always the possibility of creating your own solution.

We named this service INR LAB

A. Find the best place for the shower

In most bathrooms there is a given place for the shower wall – in one of the corners, in a niche or on the bathtub. Sometimes there are several possibilities to consider.

To choose your shower

B. Made to measure

When you have decided on a corner or a niche solution or a shower cabin, it’s time to start working with the measurements to arrive at the perfect solution for your bathroom.

The Shower Workshop

C. Furnish the bathroom

Time to move in and start furnishing the bathroom. Start with the shower wall and add mixers and furniture. Bring your shoppinglist to your bathroom store and get started!

The Bathroom Studio

4. measure your bathroom carefully – when the tiling is done.

When the bathroom is tiled it’s time to measure the entire bathroom with precision. Hand over the measurements to the retailer and tell him which shower wall you have picked out. Be open to ideas and suggestions from the retailer – he has seen plenty of bathroom solutions and may come up with suggestions you never knew existed!

5. Get your blueprint at no charge

It’s possible that your bathroom needs other adjustments than just measurements. Perhaps pipe transit or adjustments for a slanting roof. Ask your retailer to get in touch with us and we will assist you with a CAD drawing – at no extra cost.

6. Production

The minute we receive your order from the retailer – we start making your shower. Every shower is produced and packed manually in our factory in Malmo. All special solutions are scrutinized by experts in our organization – to make sure the result is perfect and conforms with the drawing in every detail.

7. Delivery

We deliver your shower within 3–25 workdays, depending on what model you have ordered. Special solutions may take a little longer depending of the degree of complexity.

8. Installation

Our showers should be easy to install – that’s our goal. If it’s an uncomplicated model, you can probably install it yourself with a little help from a friend. But if you have chosen a model that is more complicated, you should consult your retailer and he will put you in touch with an installer. The models from the LINC series may even be glued in place with our glue kit “Borrfri”.