About INR

A man stepped into the shower.

Alf Larsson is one of the founders of Inredningsglas, a company that originally manufactured first class mirrors and wardrove systems mainly for hotels.

One day he received an enquiry from a major, international hotel chain wanting a shower screen, which would be easier to clean. Alf, who is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, could not resist the challenge. He had previously noticed that when he stood in the shower, the shower curtain had a habit of being sucked in towards the body and clinging to the skin. He thought about the phenomenon and came to the conclusion that the water from the shower created some form of low pressure, something that could perhaps be utilised. His curiosity aroused, Alf started bending sheets of Plexiglas into different angles in order to replicate the low pressure.

After endless hours of experimentation under the shower, he suddenly discovered how the water was almost magically drawn up into the air and against the screen. He had found the exact angle  which now made it possible to design a shower solution which only required one door instead of two. Alf christened the innovation the Josephine after a mighty waterfall in Canada.

Incidentally,  Josephine is  still part of the range, look at the picture here on the website and you can see the perfect curvature. The design became a resounding success mainly because it slashed  cleaning time, but also because of its simple, elegant design and high quality. Over the years many other innovative products have seen the light of day in our development department. Our ambition is to continue to create high quality, beautifully designed innovative shower solutions, making it a pleasure for you to step into the shower. 

The leader in showers

From 1988, when Alf Larsson and Anders Jönsson founded the company, the glass products produced were intended for hotels and public environments. Innovative designs and the easiest-to-clean showers on the market meant that they were used by more and more hotels and in other construction and renovation projects. Starting in 2001, the public was also offered the opportunity to purchase INR showers through selected retailers. This was clearly to many people’s satisfaction, since our products quickly grew in popularity with our selected retailers nationwide. Today, Inredningsglas is the Swedish leader in showers. We’re particularly proud of that. 


In 2002, 2006 and 2007, Inredningsglas was included in Dagens Industri’s “gazelle list” of Swedish growth companies. In 2005, MD Alf Larsson was nominated for Malmö Entrepreneur of the Year and FSB’s Swedish Entrepreneur Prize.